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Q1) Why is Luzure Jewelry able to give you the best value-for-money deal for your GIA certified diamond purchase?
A1) An an experienced and verified diamond trading company, we have access to some of the world's biggest diamond suppliers inventories. With high discounts by these big-time suppliers, we are able to convert them to savings for our customers.

Though we have been advised many times by suppliers not to give "market-spoiler" prices, we insist on giving maximum savings to our customers with the lowest possible quotes. Take our quotations for a walk to the shops, you will realise the true meaning of unbeatable price quotes!

Q2) When a customer visits Luzure Jewelry, he or she must buy something.
A2) Absolutely not! We enjoy sharing knowledge with people who have the same diamond interest as us. Do everything at our office slowly and patiently, whether is it finding out a correct ring size, discussing about Jewelry designs or just admiring good diamonds, let's make the meeting enjoyable and educational, buying or not will be second on the priority list. Rest assure that as professional diamond traders, we are different from sales person at jewelry shops who watches you with gleaming eyes wanting just to make a deal out of you. Our satisfaction is in finding you something that you truly need, and not to just simply close any deals; If you are not satisfied, we will not be satisfied too!

For those who make it to our office, we are most glad that you have considered us and have given us an opportunity to present our Direct Order Selects Program to you so that you can share with your friends about how to be the smart customers when it comes to purchasing a GIA certified diamond.

Q3) Why is Luzure Jewelry able to consistently beat the market in terms of diamond prices?
A3) At Luzure Jewelry, we do our best to keep assets and manpower to the minimum. From selection of office space to equipment used to assess diamonds, we only get what is absolutely necessary for our daily operations. In this way, we will not translate high operational costs to our customers.

We do not need lavish retail spaces or a 10, 000 dollars microscope, because whatever expenditure we make, it will be paid eventually by the customers through mark-ups in diamond prices.

By now you should know who's paying for the computer engineers, accounts staff, security team, lavish retail and office spaces, sales staffs, procurement and finance departments and highly-paid directors of big jewellery companies - It's you, the consumer!

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