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VFM Selects



Value-For-Money Selects are diamonds that exhibit very high qualities, and yet offered at a good discount price off Rapaport for various reasons. Some of the reasons may be:

1)  The diamond did not make it for GIA Triple Excellent for Cut Grade, Polish & Symmetry and yet exhibit at least near excellent light performance.

2)  The diamond has been certified rather long ago without being sold

3)  Diamond exhibits strong or very strong fluorescence for high colour
(Fluorescence is good for the majority of colour grades except the very high colour grades of D, E and F)

4)  Diamond is eye-clean, but has certain non-visible inclusions that are undesirable, such as twinning wisps and feather and black or coloured inclusions under magnification. Note that cavity is not mentioned here because a diamond with cavity is absolutely unacceptable by the high standards of Luzure Jewelry.

5)  Diamonds that show a tinge or slight hue of undesirable colour other than yellow, e.g. Brown, grey, orange colours

6)  Fancy shape diamonds that are not in high demand

Pricing: Below Rapaport Prices

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