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Do you like blue?

Boron is a friend of the white diamond range. Take a GIA certified J or K colour diamond with very strong blue fluorescence and bring it into sunlight. You’ll be amazed by how the strong blue fluorescence cancels out the yellow hints to make the diamond appear absolutely colourless!

When you bring a D, E or F colour diamond with very strong fluorescence under the sun, you’ll notice that the diamond turns beautifully blue. Blue is indeed a measure of taste and not quality.

GIA has a publication on fluorescence. In essence, it states the following:-

1) Most consumers prefer the effects of fluorescence in diamond and only about 10% of diamonds with fluorescence produces this positive effect – This is what Luzure Jewelry’s TrueBlue collection will provide you with.

2) Only less than 0.2% of diamonds with overly strong blue fluorescence will appear hazy (less than 2 in 1000)

The GIA publication on fluorescence can be found here :-
Click Here For The Link

Luzure Jewelry’s TrueBlue collection are diamonds with good discounts and must comprise of the following:-

1) GIA certified strong or very strong blue fluorescence

2) GIA Triple Excellent for Cut Grade, Polish & Symmetry

3) At least Excellent on ASET Scope Assessment

4) From Flawless to VS2, with being eye-clean as a mandatory criteria

5) No black inclusions or coloured inclusions under magnification

6) No blue haze effect when fluorescence is activated

Price: Below Rapaport Prices!

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