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La Viveza Vault Series


La Viveza Vault Series comprises of diamonds of Exceptional and Excellent Light Performance on ASET assessment. Light Performance is assessed scientifically using the ASET Scope Images. Diamonds that qualify for our Exceptional & Excellent Light return are so rare, they make up less than 0.5% of diamonds in every weight category. To qualify as our La Viveza Vault Series, these diamonds must also possess the following:-

1)  Exceptional or Excellent Light Return On ASET Scope & IDEAL-SCOPE


2)  In the GIA Colourless (D, E and F), Near Colourless (G, H, I, J) and Faint Yellow (K, L, M) range.


3)  From Flawless to VS2, with being eye-clean as a mandatory criteria

4)  No black inclusions or coloured inclusions under magnification

5)  Must be GIA Triple Excellent for Cut, Symmetry & Polish

6)  Minimum carat weight of 0.50

7)  Fluorescence will not be assessed but effect of fluorescence must not cause haziness

Only less than 5 in a thousand diamonds in every weight category will qualify for our La Viveza Vault Series! Grab it if you see one in our inventory!

Pricing: 15% to 25% Above Rapaport

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