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Direct Orders Select Program

Direct Order Selects Program (DOSP) is a program designed for the smart customer to obtain GIA Certified diamonds at below Rapaport Prices.

Luzure Jewelery

Regardless of the specifications you require, we will be able to find you what you need from our suppliers’ inventories. As a verified diamond trading company, we have access to some of the world’s largest diamond supplier’s inventories. If we cannot find the diamond with the exact specifications, we are confident to at least find you something similar, or very close to what you desire.


Selection Stage

Our goal in this stage is to provide several diamonds meeting the customer’s spec requirements for the customer to select that perfect diamond. Having options to go higher and lower with regards to spec and budget requirements gives the customer the ability to make the best choice from a list preferred choices.

Customers will first be invited to view the images of the diamond of their choice so that there is no “buying blind”. The following images of the diamond may be presented to the customer during the Pre-Purchase Stage:

1)  ASET Scope Image

2)  Ideal-Scope Image

3)  Hearts & Arrows Scope Images

4)  Super Enlarged Image

5)  Video displaying 360 degrees view of diamond (Super Enlarged)

6)  Soft copy of GIA Certificate

The final sale price of the diamond will also be discussed with the customer. Diamonds under our Direct Order Selects Program will be sold below Rapaport Prices, even if they are high spec diamonds that may qualify for our Belleza Eterna Treasures or La Viveza Vault Series. The discounts for larger diamonds and fancy shape diamonds will also be larger.

Transaction Stage

Our goal in this stage is to produce the selected diamond to the customer within 10 workings days of payment. Honesty and speedy delivery is the motto of Luzure Jewelry.

When the customer confirms the diamond, the full payment of the diamond will be accepted by Luzure Jewelry and an invoice indicating “paid” will be issued. Upon receipt of payment, Luzure Jewelry will confirm the diamond with the diamond supplier. Subsequent TT and delivery methods will be arranged between Luzure Jewelry and the diamond supplier. At every stage, the customer will be updated so that the customer is kept aware of the status of his purchase.

Normally, Luzure Jewelry will confirm the diamond with the supplier and make TT payment on the same day of full payment by the customer. The supplier should receive the TT payment latest on the 3rd working day and will send out the diamond to Luzure Jewelry on the same day using overnight shipping. Luzure Jewelry normally received the diamond between 4 to 6 working days from the customer’s payment date. However, in order to cater for unforeseen hiccups and while striving not to over-promise our customers, the policy of the Direct Order Selects Program will state that the diamond will arrive within 10 working days from the customer’s payment.


Setting Stage

Our goal in this stage is to provide our customers with the final finished jewelry product with the selected diamond mounted onto it. We will never leave our customer stranded with a loose diamond.

Now that the diamond has arrived and the customer is satisfied with his purchase after inspecting the diamond with us using our professional instruments, it is time for the setting stage.

The interesting part of our Direct Order Selects Program is that the customer will partake in every stage of the process, instead of simply “buying it off the shelf”.

If the customer has a photograph of the ring (or any other jewelry) setting, our professional goldsmiths will be able to produce that same setting. Alternatively, we can provide some options for the customer to choose from and give proper advise on number of prongs to use, setting style and colour of metal to use.


Diamonds on the selection list for our Direct Order Selects Program usually exhibit Excellent, Exceptional to Beyond Exceptional Light Performance on the ASET Scope Assessment.

Diamonds under this program are usually below Rapaport Prices.

Experience tells us that the diamond under this program normally arrives by the 6th working day and normally for solitaire ring setting in 18k white gold, the final product should be completed around another 10 days' time.

In order to protect our customers, there is a refund policy for this program. A full refund will be made to the customer if any of the following happens:-

1)  The diamond does not arrive in 10 working days from the customer’s payment date; or

2)  The diamond is not the one described in the ASET, Ideal-Scope or Hearts & Arrows Scope in the selection stage;

3)  The diamond that arrives is damaged or is not the diamond selected, i.e. has a different GIA certificate number

This program is designed for customers who…

a)  Are able to make pre-payment prior to receipt of diamond

b)  Are able to wait up to 10 working days for the diamond to arrive (not in a hurry)

c)  Are smart and wishes to obtain the best value-for-money when making a diamond purchase

At every stage along the way, whenever there is a handover of the diamond, we will always use the high power magnifier to show GIA's laser inscription on the diamond's girdle to our customers so as to prove that we are handing over the right diamond. We advise our customers to do the same whenever they transact any diamonds with any traders or salesperson and not just take their word for it that the diamond they are receiving is the one described in the GIA certificate.

Please visit our Diamond Price Calculator page to find out the price of your desired diamond under our Direct Order Selects Program.
Price Calculator

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