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Belleza Eterna Treasures


Belleza Eterna Treasures are heirloom grade diamonds that are so rare, they make up less than 0.1%of all jewelry-grade diamonds.

To Qualify as our Belleza Eterna Treasures, these diamonds must possess the following:-

1)  Exceptional Light Return On ASET Scope & IDEAL-SCOPE


2)  Perfect Hearts & Arrows


3)  In the GIA Colourless D, E and F range


4)  From Flawless to VS1, with being eye-clean as a mandatory criteria

5)  No black inclusions or coloured inclusions under magnification

6)  Must be GIA Triple Excellent for Cut, Symmetry & Polish

7)  Minimum carat weight of 0.50

8)  Must be none for fluorescence

Only less than 1 in a thousand diamonds in every weight category will qualify for our Belleza Eterna Treasures! Grab it if you see one in our inventory!

Pricing: 25% to 35% Above Rapaport

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