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We are a company registered in Singapore of UEN 53336339W.

The owner of Luzure Jewelry, Mr Daniel Khong, started off as a private trader for pre-owned jewelry in 2008.

 In 2011, Mr Daniel Khong is recognised as a diamond trader and started to trade in GIA certified diamonds.

In 2016, he decided to set up Luzure Jewelry to work with bigger diamond suppliers to obtain GIA certified diamonds at even better prices and convert those discounts into the customers’ savings.

  “I have been beating the market in terms of pricing since 2008. I know who my closest competitors are and my pricing principle is to set prices lower than them. Get us to give you a quote, you'll be delighted to know how much cheaper you can get the same GIA certified diamonds when you make your purchase through us.

Be assured of diamonds with the best light return when you make a purchase from us. We will use professional instruments to assess the light return of every diamond we buy and sell. Such equipment are the ASET Scope and Ideal-Scope. Most GIA Triple Excellent diamonds have major light leakages under the table. Only when customers make a side-by-side comparison of their diamond with a diamond from us, will they come to find out that diamonds from us exhibit more Fire, Brilliance & Scintillation.

Therefore not just any GIA Certified triple excellent diamond will do, I recommend that you get a Luzure Jewelry Signature GIA Certified triple excellent Diamond.


My heart goes out to customers who have paid so much above Rapaport prices for diamonds with high light leakages when they buy their diamond from shops that are more interested in their money than in providing them with the best price and best light performance.

If you need GIA diamonds below Rapaport prices and of exceptional or excellent light return, then you need not seek further once you've found us.”

 – Mr Daniel Khong, Diamond Trader & Business Owner Of Luzure Jewelry

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